Modern Milksharing

The milk of human kindness… brought to life.


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For just about as long as women have been breastfeeding, milksharing has been a normal and natural part of humankind’s existence.  It was not uncommon for a lactating woman put to breast a baby whose mother was absent or ill.  It was an essential means of survival for many.

As breastfeeding lost favor with many societies, so did milksharing fall by the wayside and become nearly forgotten.  But younger generations, armed with both science and intuition, are fighting to bring babies back to the breast.  And with that, the art of sharing milk has made a comeback of its own.

Today, milksharing is different than it was for our ancestors.  We don’t always have to rely on finding another woman to nurse the baby.  We can store breastmilk in bags and freeze it, share it with a neighbor, or ship it across the country.  And while relatively few in number, there are still wetnurses.

Modern Milksharing is a place to come for support for all things related to donating and receiving breastmilk.  We want to help guide you through your journey, and make it as easy, and safe as possible.

For more information about who we are, please check out our Mission Statement.

If any questions you have are left unanswered, please feel free to post on our Facebook page.

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